Our Managing Partner: Georg Meyer, PhD

  • International coach and consultant
  • Strategic, pragmatic, and analytical thinker who quickly identifies and implements feasible solutions
  • Effective trainer with corporate training and academic instruction background
  • EVP Training for Junior Chamber International (JCI) Switzerland, managing training and awards for more than 2,000 members
  • Past President of JCI Central Switzerland in Zug
  • PhD in Information and Decision Sciences from the University of Minnesota
  • Master of Science in Information Systems and Information Assurance from the Iowa State University
  • Fluent in German, Swiss German, and English

Our philosophy

The most powerful and sustainable solutions are as simple as possible. In everything we do, we avoid and combat unnecessary complexity because it leads to hidden costs: increasing non-value-adding effort, encouraging non-goal-oriented structures and negatively impacting your employees and culture.

Our values


We offer you our independent opinion based on facts, an outside perspective, and relevant experience.


We apply insights from science and technology to design sustainable solutions for you.


We offer solutions that are as simple as possible and in harmony with the strategy and culture of your business.