Solving complex problems


Develop skills and mindsets to enable intelligent and mindful execution of your vision.


Design and implement processes and technology that empower your people and minimize effort spent on non-value-adding activities.


Translate your vision into clear goals that align with the overall business strategy as well as individual values and incentives.


Quantum Leap: From 1980s technology to state-of-the-art

A small family business was running an ERP system originally written in BASIC during the 1980s. They were mostly very happy with it, but the system posed a critical risk to the business because the hardware and operating system on which it ran were well past end-of-life and replacements parts were hard to come by. We lead a project to upgrade the system on a virtual, supported Linux platform. The conversion went off without a hitch and the users couldn’t have been happier: the system ran an order of magnitude faster and can now be accessed from anywhere, whereas before, it was limited to serially connected green screen terminals. It became possible to quickly extract data to feed a SQL-based data warehouse. The related risk has never been lower: the virtualized server is automatically backed up and easily restored should it ever be necessary.

Delivering to the line, on time, every time: logistics optimization and traceability

A client with significant logistics expertise delivering parts to customer locations got a new challenge: delivering parts directly to hundreds of production line locations in a factory of several hundred thousand square feet. In a couple of weeks, we built a prototype solution that made it possible to serve the customer efficiently and optimize delivery routes within the factory. In addition, the solution provides audit trails for every transaction providing real-time information if there are quality or delivery concerns. We helped our client build the expertise to incorporate this solution in its own enterprise product so they can scale and build on it.

Supply chain transparency at your fingertips

In a complex systems landscape, it’s easy to lose sight of the forest while keeping track of all the trees. We helped a client develop a holistic picture of their inbound supply chain processes and provided a tool that integrates data from different internal systems (ERP, WMS) as well as EDI and 3PL. As a result, they now get a complete picture of what’s going on with all of their open purchase orders – more than 10,000 at any given time – and have a way to easily connect to their related systems when appropriate. Moreover, the client is able to build on the knowledge gained during the development of this solution as they design processes for a new ERP implementation.

Pitching the future of work

We helped an innovative start-up to define their value proposition – changing the way people work – and sharpen their message for marketing and pitches. In a start-up competition at The Next Web, the resulting pitch made it to the final round as one of the Top 12 from over 1,000 original applications.