Elegant solutions

What if the perfect tool or process needed to solve a complex problem elegantly and simply does not exist? We invent it for you. Few things are more rewarding than taming an almost intractable problem with the right tool for the job.


Linux-based email file system

A client wanted to do in-depth analysis on emails using a MySQL database. We provided a solution to put all email content in the database and expose it through a virtual file system as Maildir so that the entire system could still be managed using a standard mail server (dovecot). The client could continue to use traditional e-mail clients  on the front end, and had powerful real-time analytics capabilities on the backend.

Portable financial data

Microsoft Money was a very affordable finance solution for individuals and small businesses. Unfortunately, the product is no longer supported. Faced with transition, our client found that data extraction was less-then-straightforward. We developed a simple tool to extract all data, sanity-check it (uncovering a number of inconsistent records that eliminated previously inexplicable errors that had bothered users for a long time), and import it in the open-source finance software GnuCash, as well as into a SQL database.

Infinite product catalog

For an innovative project, a team we support needed a way to design an “open-ended catalog of products and services”. We developed the conceptual foundation and a prototype using MongoDB, allowing the catalog to harness the flexibility of NoSQL to document any product or service in the world. Furthermore, interacting with the Blockchain, we developed a method to ensure the described product definitions can be used safely in transactions where partners do not necessarily trust each other.

Secure roaming user profile tool

A client needed a tool that would let them carry over their user profiles to a large number of computers but did not wish to store data in the Cloud, out of concern for security and a desire to maintain complete control over the data.  We developed a secure roaming user profile tool that would save pertinent profile information, encrypt it and store it using IMAP or Secure FTP so that it can be accessed from any Internet-accessible location.