Our seminars and training sessions

We provide customized seminars in which we take complex topics of interest and make them accessible to your audience. In addition to the topics below, we have created bespoke training sessions for clients on a wide range of subjects, including cryptography, effective messaging, and problem solving.

All topics can be presented as speeches or interactive seminars. Depending on the desired depth, we offer everything from short presentations (20-30 minutes, ideal for breakfast or lunch) to 1-2 hour seminars and extensive workshops.

Bitcoin and Blockchain: From virtual money to the “world computer”

Almost everyone has heard of them, yet hardly anybody can explain them well – the crypto-currency Bitcoin and its underlying technology, the Blockchain. This seminar provides an introduction to these exciting inventions that make it possible to send money across the world in minutes at virtually no cost. It elaborates on the brilliant idea of the Blockchain and how it enables so much more than payments. In an open discussion, we explore potential applications for Blockchain in your organization and discuss possible risks. After this seminar, you will be able to explain the basics of Bitcoin and explain why this is a hot topic, both for start-ups as well as major banks.

Black Swans: Risk Management for a world full of (not always pleasant) surprises

What do earthquakes, lottery winnings, and airplane crashes have in common? Nobody can predict them accurately, they arrive unexpectedly and have enormous consequences. There is name for highly improbable events with extreme consequences: Black swans. This seminar explains what exactly black swans are, how they explain trends in the world and why the world is becoming more and more susceptible to such events. We discuss strategies for preparing for the unexpected and becoming more robust against black swans in both private and professional matters.

Down with Complexity! Simplify to perform better and enjoy more

The world is becoming increasingly complicated. Why? Especially in modern corporations, complexity is one of the biggest hidden costs: it keeps people busy without advancing towards desired results. This seminar helps you identify causes of this trend towards increasing complexity in your professional and personal environments. It explains concepts like heuristics and refactoring as approaches to manage and reduce complexity and to simplify daily business. You will be surprised how simple changes can free up significant amounts of time that you can use on what really matters.

Organizations of the Future: Beyond the top-down hierarchy

We are all familiar with the top-down hierarchy, be it in corporate environments, military organizations, or government. In recent years, we have seen the limits of this top-down model being reached, for example in the numerous corporate and government scandals in which top executives frequently try to explain how they were not informed about what happened in the organizations they control. This seminar compares and contrasts the top-down hierarchy with other forms of organization (e.g., bottom-up, federal, and self-organizing systems) and helps identify better forms of organization. Among other things, we draw inspiration from nature – such as swarms of millions of birds and giant ant colonies that are able to organize themselves and execute tasks efficiently – and history, such as stable and unstable forms of government.